Bracelets Now Available…


So I have several handmade ‘cross’ bracelets, which have now been added to my eBay page (here)… I am STILL awaiting some materials so I have only been able to make a few (grrrrrrr).  The ones on the page are all I have until the studs arrive.

Please do take a look at my pre-loved items also – especially the Vintage Stars & Stripes jumper.  I will be sad to see that beauty go!

Happy Bidding!




Tell me about it…. STUD

Now that I have some time off, I quite like to fill my days with tea drinking, blog writing and some creative new hobbies. No Jeremy Kyle/day time rubbish for me.  In fact I have hardly seen any TV (probably one episode of Location, Location, Location, but that’s just because I have a soft spot for Phil.)

In my eagerness to do something productive, I’ve mosaiced a pot – a terracotta pot, with red and white smashed up tiles.  Using the hammer was great fun – out came all that pent-up aggression (not that I had much) but once I got my hands on the grout, things turned a little messy.  I’m quite proud of my efforts but I’ll wait until my next attempt to post a photograph.  But for now, back to fashion.

For a while now, I’ve been itching to get my hands on some metal studs/spikes…  so I bought some 50 metal studs off eBay here, costing £11.50.  These spiked studs are quite rounded – more like a cone shape, and quite small in size.  I thought I’d start off non too adventurous – maybe progress to bigger and better things.  For I don’t particularly want to injure anyone/end up looking like a fetish dresser gone wrong.  I had visions of studding everything I own, luckily common sense has prevailed and I have studded just two items.

I also bought a pair of leather hole punchers off eBay for around £5.99.  It’s surprising how easy it is to punch a hole through thick leather – and a little addictive may I add.  So my first wardrobe victim was an old black Topshop leather handbag and to this I punched 5 holes in either end.  Through each of the holes, I fed through the back of the stud, then screwed on the front.  I decided an extra stud each side was needed, and so added this at the end…

After this, the novelty of studding my wardrobe hadn’t subsided, so I took an old pair of patent (pleather) ASOS shoes and began punching away to my heart’s content.  I never wear these shoes due to them being so uncomfortable but now that they have a new lease of life I want to wear them all the time.  Bring on the pain.

I stopped studding after this pair, but I have no doubt, that another item within my wardrobe will fall victim to my punching gun very soon.  Perhaps customisation is the way forward for me – a great way of giving old garms a new lease of life for very little cost.


Items Jones Once Loved…


I made the decision to clear out my wardrobe and the result has been one bin bag of various coloured vest tops which entered my life when I was around 16 – and now only suitable for the charity shop.  And around 15 items, that I kind of don’t particularly want to part with, but figure going to India will be worth the loss… so are going to a new home via the medium of ebay

Now, this in my head, seemed like it would be a one night jobby, however clearing out my wardrobe alone and photographing the clothes was a mission and a half in itself.  I apologise for the (really) bad photographs, but I got tired, and simply couldn’t figure out the best setting on my camera on which to take them.  You can most likely see my reflection in most, as I took these pictures opposite my window.

Then comes the next evening, along with my ridiculously slow internet.  I managed to upload 5 items.  Now, being Thursday, I have finally managed to upload another 5, whilst ebay is telling me I have reached my limit of 10 and will agree to let me upload more photos in 3-5 days… noooooo!

So here is the link to my new ebay account, Jones Once Loved… please bare in mind, that there are 5 more items to be added.  Remember, not only does the sale of these garms and shoes help me to achieve my dream of travelling to far flown places of the world but you’ll be treating yourself to something new for a bargain price AND a small cut will be taken from each item to go towards helping those in Japan, currently battling against a very tragic natural disaster.  And these clothes really don’t seem so important to me, having seen what Japan is currently going through…

PS. there’ll be more items added over the next few days…

Happy bidding!