Grown-Up Luxe Grunge

Dries Van Noten.

I do enjoy following trends and incorporating them in to my everyday look… however, I’m a big believer in having a style, and sticking to it. A trademark style that will stay with you in life and as you age, will evolve naturally into a look that you feel comfortable in and look great in. I suppose as age creeps up on you, it is important to polish this look and keep it classy.

Now I love my grunge; and have paid homage to it in previous blog posts (seen here) however, as the years go by, this style for me is getting filtered down.  Plaid shirts are now sheer and the barnet has had the chop.  I guess this makes the look more accessible to everyday aspects of my life. Trends become easier to work together and it doesn’t look like I’m having a mid late twenties crisis.

As mentioned in my previous post, grunge was seen as a micro trend, but the 90’s has come back in a big way. The fashion cycle is getting shorter and who knows what we’ll see get repeated on the runways in the near future – and how frequently…

But for now here comes in Dries Van Noten for SS13. And *ooooohhh* is his work right up my alley…

Contrasting elements of luxe vs. grunge, floral vs. check, masculine vs. feminine and dark vs. light ruled his runway.  He has created a collection that will give the most polished of ladies a rebellious edge and I love it.

Grunge + Luxe = Polished, Grown-Up, Wearable Grunge.

Noted: By using some long length narrow ribbon/leather cord as a belt tie for cardigans and longer-length blazers this spring, it’s an inexpensive way to create some of the looks below…


Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.05.17 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.05.34 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.05.44 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.05.57 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.06.42 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.06.59 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.07.07 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.07.24 Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.08.03

get the look

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 17.18.11

Elizabeth and James £96 - Shopbop

Elizabeth and James £96 – Shopbop

Topshop £16

Topshop £16

ACNE £150 - Flannels

ACNE £150 – Flannels

John Lewis £69

John Lewis £69

Derek Lam £375 - Farfetch

Derek Lam £375 – Farfetch

Topshop £28

Topshop £28

Gryphon £165 - Boutique 1

Gryphon £165 – Boutique 1

River Island £50

River Island £50

You can purchase the above from the following stores:

Topshop, Flannels, John Lewis, Farfetch, River Island and Boutique 1



A little Friday treat…


I’ve been making some more bracelets (I currently have several for sale on eBay here) and as it’s my last lot for a while (the materials I use have become pretty scarce), it’s Friday and I have some fab followers on Twitter, I thought I’d celebrate by giving away two handmade bracelets pictured below and a handmade black & silver feather earring to one lucky Twitter follower picked at random.

Once I get to 600 followers I shall be picking a winner.

These are perfect additions to your festival outfits, and I for one can’t wait for the festival summer season to start.

Simply follow @Jonesloves on Twitter and tweet (copy & paste) the following…

Giveaway! Handmade cross charm bracelets & beautiful feather earring from @Jonesloves – Retweet & follow @Jonesloves x


Feather Earrings & Cross Cuffs


Hello lovely blog followers, I hope your weekends were lots of fun.  Mine certainly was – close friends’ Birthdays, partying, the hooded DJ Holy Other (amazing), & the Little Dragon gig (equally as amazing), lots and lots of dancing (now my legs hurt) – but it was worth the pain and I didn’t want it to end.  But it’s now Tuesday and yesterday I decided to be productive and list all the lovely things I have made/have available to purchase.  My bracelets went down a treat, so I have made some more, as well as a few extra jewellery bits.

I love black and I love silver, so I decided to combine the two and make these feather earrings… I used black goose feathers, sterling silver 925 earring hooks, and copper jewellery wire.

I wear my feather earring with a little black dress of an evening and also with my DM’s and little leather jacket for a casual daytime look.

I also have 8 earring cross cuffs available – perfect for the current Grunge/Goth trend (elements of which, I like to covet all year round).  Agreed, there were many a fashion error made in the 90’s, but this is one trend of the 90’s I love.

You can buy these, as well as my handmade cross bracelets on my eBay page – you don’t need to wait until the auction ends, as most of them are ‘Buy it Now’ – perfect for impatient eBay buyers like myself.

I’ll leave you with the super talented Little Dragon – the atmosphere at Birmingham’s O2 Academy on Saturday was unreal.


Vist Jones Loves eBay here

SS12 at Harvey Nichols: Blogger’s Preview


Myself, Kim & Laurie

Myself and fellow Midland fashion bloggers were invited along to a special SS12 preview of collections at Harvey Nichols last week, to see just what was in-store for ladies that like a little luxury in their lives…

I personally really love the collections for the new season, a gorgeous combination of blush nudes and neon brights, as well as easy-to-wear soft colours and draped fabrics.  A similar theme of simplified structure and feminine fabrics flowed throughout.

We were shown pieces from the collections and we were talked through each look by Stuart Dixon, the Assistant Retail Manager for Womenswear and Personal Shopping. The outfit below is a favourite, a polished take on the grunge trend. A summery look in nude tones, moving away from the grunge trademark black.  This Pinko slip is just gorgeous.

Polished Grunge

My favourite brand, ACNE, have produced yet another beautiful collection…




T Alexander Wang

The new collection from Victoria Beckham has proven to be extremely popular (with only two dresses left).

I’m more of an ACNE/Wang girl myself.

Victoria, Victoria Beckham

I love, love, love these Jeffrey Campbell wedges (£95).  The perfect summer shoe.  However, I’d be about 7 ft tall in these, so I may have to leave these beauties for girls who aren’t already over 5 ft 8″.

Jeffrey Campbell

We were given a Harvey Nichols goody bag containing Rose champers, GHD heat protection spray, samples of beauty products and a sample of this….  I would highly recommend this Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. This collagen booster smells delicious, and comes in the form of a cooling gel.  It tightened my skin and I lost my eye bags instantly (which, recently, have been the size of two Chloe Madeleine’s).

I’m not usually a beauty kinda girl, but I’m going to get saving for the full-sized bottle (£53 – 30ml) of this  – it really is a miracle cream (well, a gel). I’m sold!

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum £53 - 30ml


Cross My Heart.

Cross My Heart

In my previous crafty post I’d mentioned that I would be selling some handmade bracelets…  I’m just waiting on some more material but once it arrives I shall start getting creative again.

It’d be great to know if there was much interest in these (I can then order the required amount of materials), so please do leave a comment if you like them…  These grunge, gothic style leather cord bracelets are really durable – I’ve kept mine on constantly since Christmas.  Simply tie them as tight as you’d like at the wrists.

I do both single ones and double wrap ones… £3.75 and £4.75 respectively.  They’re also great to layer up.

I shall be selling them via eBay (I shall notify you all when they are ready) and will post out every Saturday.  I will ship internationally but P&P will be a little extra.



Single £3.75

Double £4.75


Modern Grunge


So according to the Ashish SS12 collection, Grunge is back – but with a twist. Music to my ears!  Yes next year is all about colour (mainly yellow), laser cuts and prints but you can embrace the mini nod to grunge, which is quite apparent at Ashish.

So rather than the floral ditsy prints synonymous with early 90’s trends, look to use bold floral prints and bright colour. Combine the trademark dark look with that of one that’s modern and fun.  It’s now about the juxtaposition of the crazy and the cool, and making it work together.  Clash both pattern and print and work this with heavy boots.  It’s not about completely copying the catwalk trends, simply take aspects from them or gain inspiration from certain items that you like.  Grunge with a twist does not mean putting Daisy’s in the top of your Dr Martens, it means, add a modern element and have fun with it.  Make Kate and Courtney proud.

As some of you may know, I loved this era in fashion, and regularly take influences from the early 90’s.  Kate and Johnny certainly led the way in terms of inspiration for me and I will now be bringing my look up to date with some of my style suggestions at the bottom of this post…

And girls like Erin Wasson and Lykke Li continue to inspire me for modern day references…

So for SS12, it’s less about black and more about grunging up colour.  Introduce florals and bold brights to bring this look up-to-date but look back to Courtney and Kate for inspiration on how to really rock the grunge rebellious attitude.

Here’s a little vid to get you in the mood – Nirvana, the legends that inspired the grunge movement in the 90’s.   Starting in Seattle, the movement spread to the UK’s shores and it’s never really gone away.  However, to be honest, it’s never really reared it’s head again like it did back then, unlike fashion trends like 70’s boho, or the 60’s mod movement, but as a micro trend, it’s definitely current for AW11 and SS12.

Perfect for girls that like to dress with a little attitude (and not much make up), the grunge movement inspired ripped jeans, plaid shirts and heavy boots.  The Queen of Cool, Kate Moss, worked the fresh-faced make up look, which has recently been referenced backstage at Roksanda Illincic.  Hair should be tousled and styled so it looks like you’ve just woken up, for effortless sexiness.  Make up should be kept to a minimum and skin should be glowing and fresh, and lips should either be left natural, or if you’ve got plump lips, then definitely work a dark lipstick in a gothic plum colour like this one from Dior from Selfridges.

Here are some items, which will work well for the current season, as well as for the next.  Add colour with accessories, and add florals in the form of a top paired with a black maxi.  Dr Martens are timeless and are the ultimate Grunge accessory.  Mix things up a little with a tailored jacket for a modern twist and complete with gorgeous gold jewellery and a cute beanie.  Put some Nirvana on your iPod, and you’re good to go.

New Look £6.99 

Topshop £58

Topshop £25

New Look £6.99

Sweet Evie Necklace Urban Outfitters £70

Urban Outfitters £14

Topshop £40

Dr Martens 1460 Vegan Boot £100

And for those that would like an extra Grunge fix, take a read of one of my previous blog posts here.


My New Velvet Crush


I saw these boots on the feet of a friend of mine and instantaneously fell in love.  They remind me of the early 90’s – the weird goth, grungy look I used to channel in a not very cool way whatsoever.  However, I’m thinking black skinny’s, rolled at the ankle or my black maxi skirt will do these lovelies justice.  I have a second chance at the grunge look and these are where I intend to start.

They’re my new velvet crush – and I WILL get my hands on a pair.  I just need to find £75…

They come in green crushed velvet, blue or red.  I’m torn between the green or blue.


Playing Virtual Dress Up – Your Turn…


I just love, love, love using Polyvore. Some of you may have heard about me rave on about this American fashion website before, but basically it allows you to be a stylist from the comfort of your sofa. Pick and choose from thousands of garments, from designer to high street, and if you like what you see, you can buy the look too.
Let your creative juices flow and introduce new outfits to your wardrobe. Experiment with colours, shapes and trends.
Here I have introduced the Mini Editor to my blog to allow all you fellow fashionistas to have a taster of this fantastic (addictive) site. I have selected a fair few pieces of my favourite styles and tried to include a varying colour palette (moving away from my sombre palette of grey and black) and a variation of shapes and styles.
I’d love to see your outfit combinations and hear what you think about my choices… I’ll be posting a selection of my favourite combinations soon.

Just click on the link below and start styling an outfit to die for from my selected choice of BEAUTIFUL clothing…
Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

The Seattle Sound: 1990’s Grunge Fashion


Massively influenced by music genre, and decades past, the fashion industry is heavily immersed in the seventies at the moment.

I for one, have always been a huge fan of the seventies, as you can probably tell from previous posts.  I have never, however, been overly fond of 90’s fashion.  Over-sized boxy jackets spring to mind (think Ross off Friends), combat trousers and hideous Spice Girl platforms.  All decades have their unforgivable mistakes, so I can let the 90’s off because of their influences in the early years of the decade reigning all the way from the US of A.

Now, I wear black, A LOT, and I do like to think that one day I can live like a bohemian or a hippie (I doubt this will ever happen) but by combining the two, I have come to the realisation that I have found my happy fashion place.  Grunge – along with a sprinkling of floaty Boho and  sharp edginess (Balmain style).

Before early 90’s grunge evolved into a much more commercial parent-friendly Britpop, teenagers were rocking out to the likes of Pearl Jam and Nirvana, firstly in Seattle (hence known as the Seattle sound) before moving across the water to Britain.

Above: Images of Seattle, USA

I love the unkempt, just got out-of-bed look – much to the dismay of my Mother.  Being 26, I feel as though I am now developing a mid-twenties crisis and should try and dress my age.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – perhaps I should take note of this song title.

The rebellious kids of Generation X rocked out all their teenage angst in plaid shirts, biker boots, torn skinny jeans, band t-shirts, all-black outfits, stonewash Levi’s and thrifted garms.  I like all of the aforementioned clobber, but I do like to sex it up a little with some sky high platform boots.  In black of course.

Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, the late Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore all channelled the look perfectly, and all remain style icons to this day, dead and alive.

Modern day fashionistas look to the likes of the Olsens and Alice Dellal for understated boho grunge fashion.

I think it can take years to find your personal style, at least one which you’re totally comfortable with – and one that suits.  It’s just a shame, mine is one which I could’ve done with finding a fair few years ago.  Now I look like I’m having a mid twenties crisis.

I reckon 90’s grunge will definitely be next on the cards in terms of fashion trends. You only have to look at Yohji Yamamoto AW11 (below) and you can see this trend skulking onto the runway in all it’s truly dark glorious form…


Below are a few selective picks from Topshop, ASOS, Accessorize and All Saints to show how you too can achieve the look, so you can rock out in style…

And finish off with a messy top knot… voila!


All images sourced from Google Images.