Dancing Leopard Giveaway…

Dancing Leopard

If you like a little boho, to release your inner-hippie, a little colour and all round beautiful garments then you seriously need to check out Dancing Leopard... sold both online and at Bondi Beach Sunday Market.

All made in fairtrade conditions in beautiful, magical India, which in itself holds a special place in my heart (I long to return after travelling there in 2011 – my India experience can be read here ), each piece represents a whimsical bohemian beauty.  Silk, sheer, printed, tasseled, floaty

‘Many of the garments are centred around vintage sari material that’s sourced from the depths of old Delhi. So by venturing into the traditional markets and stalls that are hidden within the city we’re able to handpick beautiful patterns and ethnic silks for our hand-crafted pieces. These range from slinky Ibiza dresses and funky genie pant styles to flowing Maxi dresses, with each piece completely unique from the next. The only thing that stays the same is our mission: To create beautiful and versatile clothing that’s perfect for Balearic summers and sun-dappled festivals.’

Dancing Leopard

Winter has hit Sydney, and although this means a pleasant 16 degrees (!) it’s still too chilly to get back into my bikini. However, here I style each piece in order to make them wearable during colder climes.  Great for Ibiza, making a statement at festivals and perfect for the beaches of Goa, but if you like to grunge it up a little and wear in the city, then why not add a pair of ripped skinnys, a trilby or a pair of chunky boots?

Take a little look below to see how I’ve styled each piece… (I apologise now for the selfies – I unfortunately don’t have a photographer boyfriend on hand to help me! – *position vacant, apply within – actually, don’t, this may attract all sorts of strangeness)

Now I’m not usually one for colour, but these fabrics have won me over…


Silk tassel wings!

Dancing Leopard

Here I team this stunning silk peacock feather print kimono with an Urban Outfitters lace bandeau, American Apparel shiny high-waisted leggings and French Connection boots… party outfit.

Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard

This item below, to me is the most versatile out of the three, I’m not usually one for lots of colour. My colour palette usually extends to varying shades of grey. And I know, this isn’t a ‘colour.’  So the kimono certainly made a nice change but this – well I just love the girly florals toughened up with a bit of black, vintage and hardware.

AND, the lovely Dancing Leopard girls have offered to give one of these floral capes away!! You too can rock the boho look this season – whether it’s your summer in the UK, or your winter here in Australia. Wherever you are in the world, simply leave a comment at the end of this post and tell me what market in Australia you can find Dancing Leopard…

Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard

Now, as I mentioned before, I’m unable to wear a bikini right now but I do really like this and I’m able to wear it over jeans.  Being sheer it does look fab over a bikini on the beach, and straight on to a bar, but also pretty with a belt and bandeau teamed with jeans. I think I have a bit of a thing for tassels.  And this has them aplenty!

Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard is sold online here, but if you reside in Bondi, Australia then why not head to the Bondi Beach Markets on a Sunday where you’ll find the Bohemian Diva, with lots of stunning Dancing Leopard treats for sale…

And remember, to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post, along with your email address and tell me what market in Australia you can find Dancing Leopard… A winner will be picked on Tuesday June 25th. Good luck Leopard lovelies.


You can also follow Dancing Leopard on Instagram at @Dancing_Leopard



Wild Thing….


When I saw the new Wildfox images on their website I just had to share them for those who haven’t yet seen.

A combination of the 60’s, 70’s and plastic America.  Kinda reminds me of retro Barbie and I love the way they’ve been styled and the colours used.  It also very much reminds me of the wonderful photographer, Alex Prager – do check out her photography if you haven’t already done so.

Again following on with the Hippie vibe, that it seems many labels are opting for (PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU) the model in this shoot wears her purple tinted glasses and  her red velvet bell bottoms so well.

I’ll be honest the only look that caught my eye initially was this adorable oversized cardigan, embellished with a glittering fawn.  Bambi lovers look no further!  I just love it, and styled with this wide black headband it really sets it off.  It’s cute, amusing and it will make a definite style statement to any outfit.


Then, I saw the rest of the looks – but to my dismay the red velvet trousers were not listed as being sold. Nooooo!  They’re fabulous, and I’d definitely be willing to cause a dent in my credit card in order to add them to my wardrobe.  So if someone could help me find where they stock them, I’d pretty much love you forever…

Enough of the ramble now – I’ll leave you with a treat for the eyes and if you part with your money (and quite a lot of it – some of these are quite pricey I’m afraid), a treat for your wardrobe.

 Sweater £179

 Sweater £160

Sweater £160



Gorgeous Goa – Happy Hippie Times


Now apologies for the lengthy post, but I have lots I want to share, so do bear with me!

On the second leg of our journey, we arrived in the Christian state of gorgeous Goa in the South of India.  On our taxi journey from the airport to Arpora near Baga (our first port of call) we came to realise that drivers here were also crazy.  Again, luckily making it to our booked hotel alive, we laid down our bags and explored the local area.

It turned out that our local area was pretty much not to our taste.  The place, although taking on the Goan hippie charm, attracted many families, and karaoke lovers.  We did, however, find a very cute little guesthouse situated just up from Baga beach, which housed an adjacent villa, comprising of a bedroom, and small adjoining bathroom .  The lack of hot water, cats living on the roof and the ants that moved in to share our little home took some getting used to, but after a while we grew to love the little room owned by a lovely Indian family.  Whilst there we hired a motorbike, a Royal Enfield, which was our mode of transport for the next few days.  Apprehensive to get on at first, after having seen the lack of driving ability in most drivers in India, I reluctantly joined my boyfriend for our first motorbike outing.  With the wind in my hair, sun in the sky and travellers whizzing past on various other bikes and scooters, it felt liberating and free.  Plus it’s an incredibly good way to get a tan!

After a few days in Baga we decided to head to beautiful Arambol, situated on the North coast of Goa on the recommendation of friends who’d been previously.  Baga was just too touristy, and I didn’t come to India to feel like I was in Spain.

Arriving in Arambol was a breath of fresh air.  Fairly quiet now, Goa is winding down for the end of the season.  I for one, enjoyed the quietness and this meant always getting a sunbed, and a table in any restaurant we wanted.  It also meant the travellers that were there, were brought together in unison.

The beach is beautiful, lined by green palm tree hilltops, cute beach huts and hippies roaming the area.  The sun always shining, and the heat was just something else.  Reaching 36 degrees most days, the breeze by the sea is a welcoming cool.  The food in all restaurants was delicious, and I have now formed a slight addiction to Dal Fry and quite a taste for Kingfisher beer.  As a dog lover, I was in my element.  Stray dogs roam the beaches but they are tame and friendly, and they got half of my dinner most nights!  Cows literally stood baking in the heat on the beach too, which was a fairly strange sight.

We stayed in Velcia beach huts overlooking the beach for the first two nights, later moving next door to huts called Dalwin’s Ark which was also home to family of pigs and their piglets, and a lovely dog a fellow traveller decided to name Winston. For around £4 a night between us, we very much enjoyed living on the beach with our own private ensuite bathroom, however basic – more rustic I would like to say. Here we met some lovely people.  The Indian family that owned the accommodation are just lovely and we really started to feel the warmth of the people here despite our first experiences in Mumbai of numerous taxi drivers trying to rip us off.  I love the waggle of the head from side to side, which is their happy agreeable nod – very catching to the foreigners! The travellers staying here come from all corners of the globe; Sweden, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Mexico, as well as from our native English shores.

This was our base for 2 weeks.  We honestly didn’t mean to stay in one small place for so long, but anyone who’s been to Arambol will tell you it’s incredibly hard to leave.  We made some lovely friends, who we sunbathed with most days and enjoyed dinner with of an evening.

In terms of fashion here, well you either wear a sari, or dreadlocks to fit in. No no, that’s a little extreme, but you have the Indian locals, the women who wear beautiful, colourful saris, working as beach sellers trying to sell you jewellery and sarongs very persuasively (!) or you have the hippies, some long-termers and some travelling around from place to place, country to country.  Many say there is nothing worse than a part-time hippie but I say embrace it!  Embrace the state of mind, and embrace those fisherman pants.  No not quite; *sarcasm hits again.*  I didn’t go that far, but I might  have been tempted into it, with the abundance of market stalls selling as much hippie attire, consisting of tie dye tops, Ali Baba pants and crafted silver jewellery, as you’d need to fully embrace the laid back style.  I have however been made to feel guilty by not purchasing an abundance of silver jewellery from the beach sellers – so I did (oops) and I also got a henna tattoo adorning my left hand (which I loved).  I might have also got my nose pierced and I very much loved walking around everywhere barefoot.  It’s a shame this can’t catch on in Birmingham.  To be honest you’d look pretty strange walking around Goa in skinny jeans and pixie boots so I enjoyed the style here whilst I could.  I don’t think this look would go down to well back in the UK, although maybe I can try to work this in to my daily look when I return to normality…

I shall surely treasure the memories made here, and the friends I have made along the trip so far – people from Nepal, Hong Kong and Mexico, people who work on creative projects, people who have lived in tiny villages in Africa, and those who’ve resigned from work to follow their dream (which make me feel a little better about my decision!).  A special mention goes out to the lovely Swedish girls (with the best tans that would make you insanely jealous and the loveliest of caring personalities), I hope to make a visit to Sweden and as one is a fashion designer we plan to visit Copenhagen Fashion Week.  Sophie, a native Britain, is a fab bubbly girl, and one with many stories to tell.  Having lived in Panama, Central America, for the past few years, and having travelled in India many times before, it was a pleasure to meet such an adventurous person.  Meeting such personalities along the way, inspire you to travel and meet more people who can ignite a bit of adventure in you.

So, on our second leg of the adventure we rode elephants, drank and ate far too much, spent very little (a Kingfisher beer is around 50p, whilst dinner is around £1.20), hired a scooter for the hair-raising trip to Anjuna Saturday Bazaar (a huge array of market stalls, hundreds of parked motorbikes and scooters and as much Trance music as you’d like), we’ve coated ourselves in mud on the Sweet Lake hills, lazed on a beautiful beach and now I even have some colour to my skin.  The season in Goa is drawing to a close, and as travellers leave for places far and wide, we too moved on.  This time to a different country altogether – Thailand…