Going ‘la la’ for Lala Land…



Here in Australia, there’s never a bad time to purchase beautiful swimwear, and even better when there’s 50% off!

These gorgeous pieces can be shipped worldwide, for free (if over £50)! So for those of you approaching summer in the UK, this is a perfect time to figure out your summer wardrobe with the addition of holiday essentials.

The concept behind the designs, is a fusion of the free-spirit of the art world, married with the functionality of modern fabrics and stunning prints. It’s all in the detail, whether that be the fabric pattern, unique cut-out designs, and added fringing/beading. 

Lala Land designs are truly unique, in that, collections are a collaboration between the label and painters, graphic artists, illustrators and jewellery makers from around the world – the UK, Italy, Ibiza and Australia. The brand is a celebration of amazing talent, creating stunning pieces designed to flatter the female form, and not forgetting the gents, there are also cool short designs.  

Lala Land have some beauties in their May sale. Below are some of my favourites….

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 19.19.34

Square Bandeau & Brief $82.29

Square Bandeau & Brief $82.29

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 19.18.58

Fringing Warrior Swimsuit $127.59

Fringing Warrior Swimsuit $127.59

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 19.17.42

Multi Strap Triangle & Multi Mini $120.80

Multi Strap Triangle & Multi Mini $120.80


Embrace your inner tribal warrior/mermaid/gypsy dreamer, add a little colour to your beach babe attire, and go la la for Lala Land…

web: www.lalalandswim.com

insta: @lalalandswimwear

xx ♥



Dream Holiday Wardrobe


This is possible the worst summer I have ever experienced. Rain, rain and more rain. I long to put to good use my summer purchases. Back when we had that glorious week of sunshine, where evenings were topped off with a glass of Pinot in the local beer garden, I decided to make a few key purchases. But alas, they have not seen the light of day.

However, on the 12th I jet off to Lisbon for a summer festival, followed by 5 beautiful sunny days lounging in a private villa with friends, and I simply can’t wait. My summer clothes will get worn!

Below is what I’d choose, if my budget was somewhat bigger.  I also show below how you can team the items together styling them into looks perfect for a glorious getaway…

And some styling…

Everyone do a little sundance! Hopefully I’ll bring a little sunshine back with me…


#WIWT (Instagram Outfit Pics)


I apologise for the lack of blog posts of late, I’ve become pretty addicted to the gym and I’m prepping for the launch of JonesLoves Styling.  I go on holiday on 12th July and I’m determined to get myself a bikini body (bulk up slightly and grow a bottom!). This year I intend to not look at photos and cringe at the sight.  It’s a slow and gradual process and I hope the visable changes kick in next week because they haven’t as yet and it’s really hard work going to the gym 5 times a week! However, I intend to keep it up, for I have more energy, better skin and a bigger appetite.

My online personal shopping company launches when I return so at the moment it’s go go go to make sure I have everything ready… and in between all of this I need to consider my wardrobe.

With the holiday (and a brand new body to boot, *ahem*) in mind, I have added a few select pieces to my wardrobe.  I’ve gone for neons (post coming soon) and sorbet blouses, as well as a few choice vintage items. I’ve ordered quite possibly the best swimming costume I’ve ever seen but i’m going to keep that quiet until it arrives.  Apparently it best fits someone under 5ft 4″ and I’m pretty sure I’m pushing my luck being just over 5ft 8″.

For now I’ll leave you with a few Instagram #WIWT posts for June.  Please bear in mind that due to June’s horrendous onslaught of rain, my outfits look like they should have been worn in AW11.

You can find me on Instagram on @jonesloves.

Vintage Wrangler Denim & Flatforms

Stripes, Fringing and Chunky Heels

Men’s All Saints Jumper, Faux Fur and Docs

Sheer Maxi Skirt & Converse

American Apparel Leggings, Miu Miu Cardigan and Floral Top

Favourites from Urban Outfitters

Michael Kors and Snake Print

Flatforms (work out your calf muscles!)

An old H&M favourite – splash of colour

My treasured rings


Items Added to the Lust List…


Each month there are several new items in the world of fashion that I lust after.

These two items are new on the lust list for March.  Now these, aren’t what you’d call everyday wardrobe staples but that’s maybe because I haven’t bought anything in soooo long, that when I do I want each piece to be stand out a little.

This cute Bee costume is from one of my favourite sites, Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk Clothing 90AUD

I’d style this cute swimsuit with this sheer maxi skirt, Wang heels and gold square earrings. Hair worn loose and wavy.  I’d also definitely wear this on the beach when I jet off to Portugal in July this year. Beeeeee mine. Please…

I’ve wanted a pair of lace flares for a while now, ever since I’d seem some crochet ones on Spanish Moss.  I don’t have almost £200 to spend on those ones, but these ones from Gypsy Warrior are far more purse-friendly. Perfect for the spring, let a bit of air to the legs without getting them out and baring them to the world.  Obviously I’d ensure my bottom was well and truly covered.  And below is what I’d team these latino lovelies with…


Make sure the top half of you is fairly covered with either an oversized t-shirt or a long-sleeved top and vest combo like below. It’s one or the other ladies – legs OR cleavage.  Keep it classy.  I’m also in love with these gold heels, but at $765 from DSquared2 I think I’ll be saving for a while!


Sites used for items: Polyvore, Gypsy Warrior and Black Milk Clothing.