INSPO 0714

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*May Inspo*

Grey // Le Specs sunnies // Freja Beha (always) // my future doggy – a Weimaraner // denim // wool // simplicity

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Summer Dreamin’



 It’s getting HOT in Australia, first few days of spring and with temperatures already reaching the 28 degree mark in New South Wales, I’m dreaming of a new summer wardrobe.  Accessories are the easiest way to update a look for the new season… and here are my favourites…

I’ve always been a lover of Ray Bans but I’m thinking it might be time to add a couple more (statement) pairs to my collection with these beauties. Sheriff & Cherry, Karen Walker and Thierry Lasry are top of my list.



With summer, comes festivals. And first on my list is Return to Rio.  The RV’s booked, ticket is purchased, so now that leaves a little outfit planning – glitter, feathers and jewels. Bindis are a pretty adornment, that will brighten up ones face.  No longer just a symbol of religion, or marital status and age, the bindi can also be used as a decorative jewel.  It still holds a great symbolic significance of Indian mythology in many parts of South Asia and is traditionally placed on the forehead between the eyes, representing the third eye – the 6th chakra; ‘concealed wisdom.’ Retaining energy and strengthening concentration, the bindi is also said to protect against demons or bad luck. As well as a religious symbol of Hinduism, they continue to be popular as a fashion statement, thanks to Gwen in the 90’s.

Time to get colourful.

Bindi Love


I’ve been thinking about another tattoo for a while now.  Erin Wasson’s artwork has inspired me to add a little ink to my arms.  I’m after delicate, small tattoos.  Ones that are simple in design, and fine in their application.  I came across Dr Woo on Instagram, tattooist at Shamrock Social Club in California, and I would LOVE to get a couple done by him.  Time to get saving for a California road trip. His pieces are fine and delicate (image bottom left) and I also love these angular line tattoos (artist unknown) pictured below.  A star constellation perhaps, after I get my crescent moon tattooed on the inside of my upper arm…

Tattoo Inspiration


Birkenstocks are back. Yes if ever there was a shoe that combined such comfiness with man repellent, this was it.  I used to have a pair a few years back and they were the comfiest thing I have ever owned, apart from UGG boots (and now those are resigned to a 5 minute walk to the shop… in the dark). However, with ladies like Tash Sefton around, Birkenstocks are back with a vengeance, and stylishly so. This all black pair I could only find on Amazon, and at around $110, they’re going to be pretty pricey to ship down under.

However, these Volley pumps retail at only $35, and so these are a definite purchase.  The Volley S.S pump was so influential when released in 1965, that it was worn by 90% of the players at Wimbledon. Bringing back old school, tennis court chic.  Straight in the shopping basket.

Now I know summer temperatures are here, but I always need a good pair of ankle boots, regardless of soaring temperatures, and these from Zara are just perfect.  With a little Balenciaga buckle about them, yet a little more slim line than the real thing, these with a little floral dress, or denim Levi cut offs are a boot lovers’ summer wardrobe dream.

Shoe love






Sunday Loveliness…


So I came across these images and I thought I’d share them with you…

They’re my little snippets of inspiration on a sunny Sunday.


Images sourced from Bettycake, Google Images, I Would Give the World to You, Killing Heels, Candy Fruits and U-N-I-C-O-R-N-S