Charmaine Olivia


Ahh Instagram is a wonderful thing.  So many pretty pictures to look out, outfits to lust over and new artists and creatives to discover.

A while ago I discovered Charmaine Olivia, an artist based in the US of A, in San Francisco.  I’m moving bedrooms in the house that I live in and have decided on a little interior design. I’m opting for dark wooden floorboards, dark antique furniture, white bed covers, white walls and curtains, set off with beautiful artwork like Charmaine’s…  And so I thought I’d share with you my discovery…

She, herself is absolutely stunning, a work of art in human form. She’s photographed below – I’m not sure if she actually paints in her underwear, but she suits the look pretty well.


Her artwork sells out pretty quickly. I’m watching her Instagram feed with an eagle eye, to snap up some beautiful prints.

Here are my favourites…



#WIWT Instagram Photos…


A few of my recent outfits in this glorious sunshine!…

Striped Maxi Dress, Flatforms and Favourite Michael Kors Watch

Grey T-shirt Dress, Metallic Sandals, Mini Leather Bag and Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Dip Dye Long-Back Top, American Apparel Leggings and Silver Necklace

Turquoise Charity Shop Find and Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Black Flatforms and Cotton Peg Leg Trousers

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#WIWT (Instagram Outfit Pics)


I apologise for the lack of blog posts of late, I’ve become pretty addicted to the gym and I’m prepping for the launch of JonesLoves Styling.  I go on holiday on 12th July and I’m determined to get myself a bikini body (bulk up slightly and grow a bottom!). This year I intend to not look at photos and cringe at the sight.  It’s a slow and gradual process and I hope the visable changes kick in next week because they haven’t as yet and it’s really hard work going to the gym 5 times a week! However, I intend to keep it up, for I have more energy, better skin and a bigger appetite.

My online personal shopping company launches when I return so at the moment it’s go go go to make sure I have everything ready… and in between all of this I need to consider my wardrobe.

With the holiday (and a brand new body to boot, *ahem*) in mind, I have added a few select pieces to my wardrobe.  I’ve gone for neons (post coming soon) and sorbet blouses, as well as a few choice vintage items. I’ve ordered quite possibly the best swimming costume I’ve ever seen but i’m going to keep that quiet until it arrives.  Apparently it best fits someone under 5ft 4″ and I’m pretty sure I’m pushing my luck being just over 5ft 8″.

For now I’ll leave you with a few Instagram #WIWT posts for June.  Please bear in mind that due to June’s horrendous onslaught of rain, my outfits look like they should have been worn in AW11.

You can find me on Instagram on @jonesloves.

Vintage Wrangler Denim & Flatforms

Stripes, Fringing and Chunky Heels

Men’s All Saints Jumper, Faux Fur and Docs

Sheer Maxi Skirt & Converse

American Apparel Leggings, Miu Miu Cardigan and Floral Top

Favourites from Urban Outfitters

Michael Kors and Snake Print

Flatforms (work out your calf muscles!)

An old H&M favourite – splash of colour

My treasured rings


My Week in Instagram Pics


1. Healthy lunch – smoked peppered mackerel, beetroot salad, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw and black olives. Yummy – and much cheaper than going out to EAT/Boots everyday on my lunch break.

2. I bought these yellow Roses after cleaning my room. I love to have flowers in my bedroom, they make me feel so much better.

3.  These are my FREE Vans.  I went along to the opening of the new Vans store in Bullring, Birmingham, and the lovely PR Agency, Canoe Inc. issued myself and Kim with a £70 voucher. These trainer ‘boot’s have a fleece lining – super comfy.

4.  My friend and colleague, Kim, purchased 2 items from the Clinique range in Debenhams and was then given a free gift. A make up bag containing lots of treats worth £35. Amazing deal! And she very kindly gave me this set of 4 eyeshadows.

5. I was worried that what if one day Facebook were to crash, and my Mac were to break (God forbid) and I were to lose all of my precious photographs…  I don’t have actual photos anymore – I have a 4 year hole in my photograph collection.  So I used Photobox online and ordered around 400 photographs.  This is just a snippet of what arrived and I can’t wait to frame them and decorate my bedroom.

6. This is Mabel.  My housemate’s cat and quite strange but totally adorable.  Here she is sleeping on my bed in one of her weird positions.

7. I LOVE my new hair.  Unfortunately this is a temporary look.  A bright blue wig was lent to me by my friend Gemma so I could attend the Halloween party with some sort of fancy dress. Each of my 10 girls wore a different coloured one, attending the party as Dead Sexy Cyber Goths. Don’t ask. But I definitely want to dress like this all the time!

8. The best hangover cure ever.  Innocent smoothies – I usually drink the whole carton in one go and feel like I am cancelling out all the badness from the debaucherous night before.

9. My friend Jenny’s pumpkin carving efforts – a perfect mantelpiece accessory.

10. The Roses are still alive. Just!