Untitled #75

Untitled #75

Rick Owens long top
¥67,920 – shopmrsh.com

Acne Studios pink coat
¥122,525 – thecorner.com

J Brand super skinny jeans
¥41,660 – graziashop.com

Abercrombie & Fitch white shoes
¥7,900 – abercrombie.com

Genuine leather handbag
¥338,685 – vestiairecollective.com

Gucci sunglasses
¥11,185 – cashinmybag.com


Spring Outfit Inspiration


I’m loving all the seventies inspired clothing around at the moment.  Great for casual wear and so easy for spring days in the sun.  I’m also loving the sun – puts you in such a smiley mood!

Here are a few pieces I’ve pulled together for a Charlie’s Angel-esq look (complete with BIG wavy hair) but with a modern edge…

Taken from both High Street and designer brands, I couldn’t resist starting off with a pair of J Brand jeans, expensive at $179 a pop, yes I think the price is an investment, but to start off with a good pair of jeans is a must for any casual outfit .  J Brand Love Story jeans are definitely at the top of my spring wish list. 

The flare balances out the shape of the body and the platforms – AMAZING (Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony) – add length to the leg. 

The cute, very ‘fashion’ sunglasses from Reiss (in the sale by the way!) are toned down by this gorgeous Topshop textured grey jumper, whilst piling on the silver jewellery toughen it all up a little.  

The navy canvas River island duffle bag is perfect to sling over you’re shoulder and add a little colour to the ensemble.

Jeans: J Brand (Love Story) – www.jbrandjeans.com $179
Jumper : Topshop www.topshop.com £45
Shoes: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony www.openingceremony.us $395
Bag: River Island  www.riverisland.com £39.99
Sunglasses: Reiss www.reissonline.com £46 (sale)
Rings and Bracelet: various Topshop www.topshop.com


If I could turn back time…

I think I have lived a previous life… I’m pretty sure I was alive and kicking in the early seventies, at least i wish I was anyway.  If I could turn back time I’d transport myself back to this era, where the fashion stores were awash with bell bottoms, floppy hats and platform shoes. Hippie thinking ruled and Farah Fawcett and Jerry hall were hey day style icons.

Book me an appointment at the hairdressers to get a wavy perm and loan me a Mercedes convertible and I’d be in my element.

For now, I shall be popping these J Brand Lovestory flared jeans from Net-a-Porter (£230) at the very top of my 2011 wish list, for seventies influences in fashion are here to stay – for another season at least.

Image – Charlie’s Angels – Google Images