Get Ahead…. Get a HAT

This weekend I shall be purchasing both a Trilby and a beanie… With Sydney temperatures dropping, I feel it is time to treat my head to a bit of warmth.

A hat is an easy way to add a bit of colour/style by accessorising an outfit – just like these stylish sisters have been snapped doing on JAK & JIL.

emilyalessandra jcrewduo jayneminceline natashaearrings natashacelinecarven angelicaelena1lbastideburberrytrench miumiubeanie koomouldhat angelicaelena1



A Sunny Afternoon at Paddington Market, Sydney


Today was a beautifully pleasant 23 degrees, not bad for an autumn’s day!  Having pulled myself out of bed at dawn to watch the stunning sunrise over the beach, I was then wide awake, energised and ready for the rest of the day. Watching the sunrise is one of my favourite things to do… to sit and watch the waves, and the pink and orange sky, large latte in hand, is total relaxation, a great time for thinking.

photo (14)

It was the perfect day to head to Paddington Markets for a spot of shopping. It’s only a short bus ride away from Bondi Beach and there’s lots of handmade jewellery, vintage clothing and yummy food stalls – a feast for the senses.

photo (4) photo (5)

photo photo (12) photo (6) photo (3) photo (1)

photo (8) photo (7)

photo (2)

I couldn’t resist a few treats. This large vintage leather bag was only $15! I was only thinking yesterday how I wanted one with shorter handles (not another over-the-shoulder number) and there it was, willing me to take it home – so I did!

And I also got these tiny rings to wear on the upper half of my fingers. Very reasonable prices and sterling silver too… The one on the left was just $8 and the one on the right was $12.

photo (9)

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 16.52.12

Paddington Market in Sydney is on every Saturday from 10am.


A Fashion Force to be Reckoned With…


Australia hasn’t been known for being the most fashionable of places, but this is changing, and at a pace. With designers like Ellery, Michael Lo Sordo, Christopher Esber and Manning Cartell making waves in the industry and with ladies like these below gracing the streets with their stylish ways, Sydney sure is climbing the fashion ranks.

Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson, ladies in the fashion-know and creative brains behind Aussie blog, They All Hate Us(we don’t hate you, we’re just really rather envious of your wardrobes) show us how it’s done during MBFWA. 

39a5dd415f4bac6fd02e7bea67edff27 TAHU3 Tash_and_Elle_2_grande tumblr_mdj2yiQ2yZ1qittqko1_500 tumblr_miqbmisvdk1qij5oho2_r1_500 wpid-Photo-08042013-1026-PM 20130408-215643 wpid-Photo-10042013-1249-PM 20130410-201756 20130410-201749 tashelle



*Not all images above are from MBFWA but it gives you an idea of their spot-on style.

I’ll be doing a round-up post on the collections shown at MBFWA very soon.


One day baby we’ll be old… and think of all the stories that we could’ve told.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 20.23.51 Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 20.23.43 Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 20.23.31

It’s been 21 30 days since I landed down under (I’ve been dipping in and out of this blog post).

This is what I’ve been getting up to depicted on Instagram. I’m pretty snap happy all of the time, so when I’ve got blue skies, beaches, city lights and beautiful food to photograph I’m in my element.

I’m working in PR in Surry Hills, as well as a little restaurant in Bondi Beach, I’m also living in Bondi Beach and taking the opportunity to indulge in a little social drinking (I’m still in holiday mode and everyone drinks outside bars here), over-indulging on amazing food and trying to counterbalance this with (not nearly enough) morning beach walks and Bikram yoga… (oh God this sounds dangerously like the video below).

EVERYONE is beautiful here. Talk about giving you a complex. I definitely need to stop over indulging and get fit.  EVERYONE runs too, but I’m far too embarrassed to put that amusing spectacle on show! – think Pheobe from Friends, and that’s how I run.

The style is pretty on form too. I was told that Aussies weren’t the most stylish of people but from what I’ve seen they definitely know how to pull off a few decent looks. There are a few really cool boutiques, namely Tuchuzy and Me and Moo in Bondi, and designer ones in Paddington like Camilla & Marc and Josh Goot. I’m resisting the temptation to shop in there at the moment.  This just wants to make me buy clothes, and lots of them!

I was also pleasantly surprised with how Bondi has evolved. I was here 8 years ago travelling and Bondi definitely didn’t have the style it does now. There are quirky little coffee shops and boutiques dotted up the streets by the beach, and I although I haven’t ventured too far out as yet, the Bikini Bar on Hall Street is a firm favourite of a hang out.

*Personal journal alert*

Yes, it’s pretty nice waiting for the bus by the beach, and walking round without a jacket. It’s pretty chilled and the people are friendly but it isn’t all plain sailing. Being this far away from home on your own is rather strange. You go through a rollercoaster of emotions (‘Oh God what have I done?’ to ‘I’m having the best time’) and you miss people dearly. You feel a world away, mainly because you are… and the weather and time difference are so drastically different. It’s stressful finding a place to live with people you don’t yet know. Looking round flats that are advertised on Gumtree, yet require you to go into job interview mode because they have around 30 other people viewing that same room, discovering that everything here is around 5 x more expensive (an avocado is £3, a Kit Kat £2.30, the cheapest bottle of plonk in a bar about £25 – this is an embarrassing insight into my diet) takes some getting used to and careful planning (or not in my case) before you start work… then there’s finding work…  However the expense is all relative –  you get paid a lot more, but up until that point of being paid you need to be VERY careful!

It’s either go through these struggles here in the sunshine, making memories and becoming stronger… or continue being stuck in my old routine back home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, friends and family and I’m really quite a home person but sometimes I get a little wanderlust and it struck again at the age of 28.  They say we must take many adventures before we know where we truly belong.  They (whoever they are) also say change is good for you…  No matter how scary it can be.

I have found a lovely little flat near the beach, sharing with two French girls and a little fish called Marley. Now I’m a little more settled, I am really enjoying it. It’s a beautiful place to live.  I have a few of my friends from back home here. Everyone out here who’s moved from the UK, say that your friends become your second family and in a way they already have. Myself and my two girlfriends here especially have had many a deep conversation and we shall always remember this huge change in life we’ve been through together.

I’ll leave you with this video for a little giggle.

Until next time… I need to go and catch the 333, I need to find some irony at a garage sale.



Latest (Wishful) Lust List… for my new adventure


Untitled 3


In February, I move to Sydney, Australia. (It still feels strange looking at those words. It doesn’t feel real at all yet.)

Yes, I’ve decided to stop thinking/pondering about making such a change in my life, and actually decide to do something about it.  It’s time I had another adventure. I don’t want any regrets later in life. I’ve ticked off the travelling with India and Australia, and now it’s time to return to a city I love.

So, the visa is approved, the flight is booked and the Aussie bank account is set up.  I only have a month (well, 23 days) until I fly off to the southern hemisphere and because it just hasn’t sunk in whatsoever, I’m struggling to get anything done!  It really doesn’t seem like it’s happening, and perhaps I am choosing to ignore the fact that I’m going, for the thought of leaving behind such a close-knit circle of friends and family is quite unbearable to think about.

*In fact I printed out 100 photos using Photobox so I will be taking copies of their beautiful faces with me. (I recommend this service, as each new customer gets 60 free credits, so this many Matte photos with a border only cost me £5!  – although some are a little blurred due to the iPhone/Instagram filters – I love actual photos). I don’t like to think that my only photo memories are stored on Facebook.*

Since travelling the east coast of Australia in 2005, I have felt a strong connection to the country and have longed to go back. Perhaps it was because it was my second time there, after having emigrated with my family back when I was 3 years old. We lived in Perth for a year before returning back to Birmingham. So now Sydney in New South Wales will be my new home, and I’m looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces who have made the move themselves over the last few years…

photo (4)


It’s hard enough moving countries and deciding what to take with you. But when it’s -1 degree here and 30 odd degrees there, it makes it even harder.  At this point I just can’t imagine not walking out the door in a wooly hat and fur coat. My whole life needs to go in one suitcase. 23KG of shoes, clothes, personal belongings and memories. I’ve already tried to select shoes to take but have only managed to whittle it down to 9 pairs, and have since bought 2 more pairs!  This is going to be extremely difficult. I will be taking a pair of black boots – my Zara ankle ones. There’s no way I’m going cold turkey on my black boot obsession. Plus I think there’ll look cute (albeit a little toasty) with tailored short shorts, a tee and smart blazer…Please do look out for my eBay sales for this week, as I shall be attempting to sell half my wardrobe.

With leaving behind this snowy, rather cold weather (I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a child!) it has come to my attention, the need to update a rather winter-focused wardrobe.  My wardrobe will now on need to be a summer-focused one. The average temperature in winter in Australia is around 16 degrees!

I’ve managed to get my bikinis, a few dresses, an extra pair of Converse but I’m in NEED of the following below… It’s pretty pricey out there, so I’m trying to get everything I need before I go. Unfortunately my funds will be going on the actual move to Australia but this is my (wishful) lust list…

1. I’m not usually one for cutesy dresses but this Missoni dress is just soooo pretty! It’s just perfect for summer days.

£395 Matches

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.53.49


2. Logo t-shirts are back in fashion. There’s quite a few fakes flying around and this is fine, as long as you get them to look like fakes… Gucci becomes Bucci (as seen on Cara Delevingne) and so on. If it’s a fake trying to look like an authentic design, this can very obvious and quite embarrassing. I personally would love to own this Celine number. I’m awaiting Farfetch to get more in.

 FarfetchScreen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.47.54


3. So the Kenzo craze started last year, and I haven’t mentioned it until now because I wasn’t too fussed about owning a piece. However, I now would very much like to own a piece. Preferably this sweatshirt, which doesn’t break the bank and has the ability to be dressed up with a statement necklace, pencil skirt and heels, or down, with a pair of converse and skinny jeans.  Not much need for this in the heat of Sydney though…

 £170 MatchesScreen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.42.55


4. Once the weather does start cooling down, I shall be looking to wear light silk and sheer shirts. Monochrome is a big look for the summer months here (think Marc Jacobs) and one which I can work easily into the cooler months of Australia. Monochrome works well on people of ‘high contrast.’ For example pale skinned and strong coloured hair, or olive-skinned and dark hair.  It doesn’t work well on muted features. For example, people with pinky skin tones and mousey hair shouldn’t try to work this look. It will overpower you and all you will see is the clothing.

 Zara £39.99

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.32.16


5. I’m loving the brand Nicholas at the moment – for all shoes, jewellery and clothing and these high-heeled sandals are no exception. So simple, so perfect. I love the colour combination of tan and black, and the ankle strap for extra support.

Green With Envy £188

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.23.17


6. This ID chunky chain necklace is also from Nicholas, sold in Aussie boutique, Green With Envy. I love the colour and the thickness of the chain will make a bold statement with a simple grey tee or an LBD. 

 £78 Green With Envy

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 14.46.54

**I would also like to point out that I am very much looking forward to visiting some Aussie boutiques, namely Splice Boutique and Green With Envy. The Australian fashion industry is ever-growing, and designers from the Southern Hemisphere are making their mark in the fashion world. With designers like Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Lover, Camilla & Marc, and so on… it’s going to be an exciting time/place to blog.


7. Sheriff and Cherry are the shades to be seen in. At a very respectable £75 – £85, I think they would be perfect to stylishly shield my eyes from the super strong rays of the Aussie sun… but which pair, that is the question?

£75 Oki-Ni

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.21.26


 £85 MatchesScreen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.18.42  £75 Net-a-PorterScreen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.14.42 Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 13.12.04

Although, I am quite tempted to buy another pair of faithful Ray-Bans – my last pair lasted me 6 years!


If you’d like to follow my adventure and fashion finds from the other side of the world, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or by email (on the right hand side of the screen).