I Heart Aussie Brands

I came across Black Milk because of the fabulous/addictive world of Twitter (which, may I add is possibly one of the best marketing tools ever to exist – completely free and reaches those across the globe in seconds and allows people like me to find brands like these).

Black Milk is yet another Australian fashion brand that I have now stored in the fashion filing drawers in my head (and also on my Bookmarks Bar – my memory’s not too great, as those of you who know me will know full well!) They remind me of We Are Handsome – also pictured below, known for their printed lycra, showing off the female form in all it’s glory in crazy statement designs.  Now, I live in leggings – i have black shiny ones, purple velvet ones, black velvet ones, green ones, red suede ones – the list goes on.  But I can NEVER have too many.  They do dresses and tops too, but the legwear particularly caught my eye.

Slightly cheaper than it’s rival, Black Milk has firmly established itself on my Christmas wish list.  Take a look at the website and read the inspiring piece in the ‘About’ section too…


We Are Handsome, mentioned above, have been a favourite for a long time – as you can see here. They are perfect for the beach, but if I owned one of these wonderful pieces, I’d team the costumes with jeans, and the lycra dresses with…well, heels.  The collection prior to ‘The Vintage,’ is ‘The Memoirs,’ and I preferred the whimsical prints from this one to be honest – I loved the magical horses and the wolf – those pieces meant business.  However, they have done little to disappoint with the current collection/beautiful pieces of art.  The peacock print is just divine.


Bec & Bridge is the brainchild of Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston.  The designs are just stunning, and the styling to match.  Feminine silks are cut into sharp silohouettes, and this is then combined with a mixture of textures to give the styling variation and a gritty edge.

I want the dungarees in my life.


Camilla & Marc caught my eye because of the similarity in design direction.  A little pricier but worth the extra spend – just gorgeous dresses, which are simple in design and cut but work so well styled with chunky black heels.  Ribbed leather, opaque tights and contrasting sleeves are all perfect additions to the various designs.

The thought of heading down under to a world of sunshine, sand and smiles is now on my mind, and having both emigrated there (a long time ago) and travelled there in 2005, I feel that Sydney could be calling again.  There are job opportunities in fashion – unlike here, and with brands like these to work with, the idea seems even more appealing.  But it’s just soooo far from home, and I’m a bit of a home bird at heart.

Or is it time for this little bird to fly the nest?



We Are Handsome AW11


In one of my earlier posts, you may have seen what Aussie swimwear brand, We Are Handsome, had to offer for SS11…  I personally wondered how they would be able to better themselves and move forwards from an already amazing collection that oozed coolness and glamour to poolside flaunting.

But, they haven’t failed to impress me on their newest collection for AW11, entitled The Memoirs, as now the collection isn’t just destined for the beaches of Byron Bay, or the über cool pools of Sydney.  The range features items which are easily added to your wardrobe to create that statement outfit, pool or no pool, beach or no beach, Australia or no Australia.

And in my case, I am without a pool and being in the middle of the UK, as far from a beach as I could possible be.

However, with printed leggings featuring the wild face of a wolf, bodies featuring the whimsical image of a hot air balloon floating right across your bosom, or a body-con dress featuring the portrait of a wise old owl, each will add super cool sexiness to your outfit and allow you to become a walking piece of art, whether you’re in a city or on holiday.

All pieces are produced in We Are Handsome’s trademark fabric of lycra, but now the collection has moved forward, expanding the range, giving you the ability to add even more animal magic to your wardrobe.

I don’t know about you but I am completely in LOVE with this collection.

Available at The Coggles.



Dreaming of faraway places…

So I’m off to faraway shores in April.  I have wonderlust. I have resigned from work to explore sunnier parts of the world.

I want to go on Tiger Safari, see the Taj Mahal and sleep in a beach hut under the stars.  I’m off to India and Thailand to feel the sun on my skin, experience amazing cultures, meet some crazy people and take some photos of this colourful vibrant area of the world.

For the beaches I need some HOT swimwear.

I shall buy a scratch card first thing tomorrow, of which I will win enough to buy myself all of these above…

Top left: Bermuda High Waist Bikini $553 Boutique1.com

Top Middle: DVF £160 Net-a-Porter

Top Right: Quicksilver $84

Middle: We Are Handsome 165 Euro Colette.fr

Bottom Left: Thomas Maier £180 Browns

Bottom Middle: We Are Handsome 165 Euro Colette.fr

Bottom Right: Barneys $670


Images: Google Images, swimwear – Polyvore



Having come across these ferocious forms of fashion on a routine visit to Start-Boutique online, I simply couldn’t resist shouting about them on my first post as an actual blogger.  This swimsuit, in 3 different designs by Australian brand, We Are Handsome, is a definite head-turner.  I personally would show off one of these statement designs on a night out, complete with skinnys and chunky towering ankle boots.  A leather jacket over the top and viola!

At £189.50 a pop, yes these swimsuits are dear but just imagine the envy of fellow party/beach goers when you rock one of these.  Accessorize lightly with a few bangles, for these bodies speak for themselves.  The low scooped back also offers an alluring flash of a sexy part of the body.   I just LOVE all 3 of these designs, and simply wouldn’t know which one to pick!

Check out Rihanna here who opted for the Amazon Panther – definite beachside attitude.